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The Value of a Professional Wedding Photographer

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Every wedding has a long list of aspects and elements: the venue and menu, dresses, decor, suits and ties, shoes, flowers, music, photography. Some are given more thought and importance than others. Once the day is over the dresses and suits are tucked away, the decor is taken down and the flowers wither. Photography may be the only tangible thing that will be left. A beautifully photographed wedding will forever tell the story of the day.


The couples I work with tend to place photography high on their list of importance. Is it the most significant investment a couple will make towards their wedding day? Depends who you ask. Depends on the couple. I would say it is.


It is definitely something that should be trusted to an experienced wedding photographer. One that will be there before, during and after the wedding day. They will have all the necessary requirements to ensure a wedding is properly photographed: the equipment, an exceptional knowledge on how it's used, the experience to handle the quickly paced aspects of the day and a personality that works well in high-pressure moments. There are no do-overs. No retakes.


A professional will spend many hours with your images, editing and developing them, until they are perfect. They will deliver a collection of images that you can treasure for years to come.


They have exclusive access to high-end, beautifully-crafted albums and books that will truly bring your photos to life. These albums are of exceptional quality that is not found in the consumer Do-It-Yourself books that are ordered online through a local photo printing service and stores like Walmart or Costco. There is no comparison. A true professional will offer a selection of albums that will stand the test of time. These books are gorgeous, completely custom, thoughtfully made - usually by hand - and are destined to not only be keepsakes, but heirlooms.


Often overlooked is the value in the countless hours, days, years spent mastering the craft of photography. The vision and creativity to beautifully capture the day is something that you can't really quantify. It's not simple math. Looking at a photographers work will evoke a feeling and a connection to the photographs that should make it obvious to see what the value truly is. It's how you'd want your wedding day to be captured in photos. It's how you want your photos to look and feel and how you want your day to be remembered.


What is the value of having a wedding professionally photographed?


Within the time frame of the wedding and in relation to all other aspects of a wedding day, the value is excellent. You'll have peace of mind that your day will be elegantly, beautifully and properly photographed.

The real beauty is that over the years the value of your photos will continue to grow. 20, 30 or 50 years after your wedding they become priceless.

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